Countryman Elite 28g 12B Cartridge Plastic 7.5 £269 per 1000

Countryman Elite 28g 12B Cartridge Plastic 7.5 £269 per 1000

Loaded for us by Eley Hawk, the Countryman Elite sells at the same price as the Eley First but is built in a 70mm case with higher quality components – cleaner burning powder for easier cleaning, increased velocity of 1375fps and improved, tested patterns.

Case length: 70mm (2 3/4″)

Available in shot size no. 7.5.

Due to carriage cost and current UK legislation we only sell shotgun cartridges in-store with the production of a valid UK shotgun certificate.

Quantity Pricing

1,000 – £269 / 500 – £137 / 250 – £70 / 25 – £8.00

Please Note: The price and availability of shotgun cartridges are not updated in real-time so please ring or email to check the current price and that we have the cartridge you would like in stock.


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