Clay Pigeon Shooting Buddy Up In Nottingham

Clay Pigeon Shooting Buddy Up In Nottingham Clay Pigeon Shooting Buddy Up In Nottingham

Have A Go At Clay Pigeon Shooting – No Licence Required

So after many lessons here, there and everywhere, I found that most club lessons teach completely differently which then confuses most people, in fact some of the major shooting organisations agree with me, so this advert offers the ‘new to shooting’ member a cheaper and possibly better alternative to most ‘Have A Go Days’.

Just to be clear, I am NOT a qualified instructor! If you learn the basics first then there are plenty of qualified instructors out there that i can put you on to!

What I can do is one on one the basics of shotgun safety (paramount and totally missed on some club teaching days), shooting clay pigeon as a sport and practise, etiquette etc.

If you’re new to the sport and wanting to see if this sport is for you before committing to applying for a licence, this may be for you! As a licence holder myself I am fully allowed to be joined by one non licence holder on a certified ground to practise (section 11 ground). This means that for the majority of grounds around this is totally legal! If perhaps you have already applied for a licence and are just waiting for it to arrive, but would like to shoot while awaiting your licence, this may also be for you!

Booking Online

Booking couldn’t be easier, just select a date you wish to go shooting (you may have to double click the date so it accepts it) the next page will show a list of where we can go, then finally just select a time of day you wish to go! Simple!

What you will learn.

Firstly and foremost is gun safety!

Followed by your own safety. (glasses, hat, ear defenders can be supplied)

Eye dominance (being amblyopic myself this is important).

Basics of shooting and cartridge differences.

Differences in clay pigeon shooting (disciplines).

The difference between ‘swing through’ ‘pull away’ and ‘maintained lead’

Once that is complete then a round of clay’s is in order!


The grounds we cover are:



£20 first hour and £10 thereafter, i can supply a gun (i have a few to choose from) if you don’t have one.

Clays and cartridges are  added on top and you can shoot as many or as little as you like (have cartridges with me), for as long as you like!


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