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This competition is for a set of Custom Fit Guards (Passive) In any colour of your choice!

However this competition is a whole lot more and requires you to read further!

The money raised from this competition (after paying for the product) will go directly to the disabled shooting group click the title if your unaware of the DSG, The CPSA  acknowledged disabled shooting in 2012 and now they rely on donations to keep going! We will try our very best to run a competition to donate monthly to this cause, you can of course donate directly but this seemed a fun ‘inbetween way’ of doing the same job! After all the winner will receive a set of Custom Fit Guards Ticket prices are £1 each with a maximum of 20 tickets per person, that means you stand a chance of winning for £20 tops! There will however be 1000 tickets available, once the base price is covered the rest we shall forward to the DSG!

Now for the product, although i’m sure you all know about them but here’s the bumph!


The CF Passive is a passive (non electronic) custom ear plug designed for shooting. The custom mould is made of 40 Shore soft silicone cut flush to the ear for perfect mounting of the gun.

The Passive filter allows the user to maintain ambient awareness for example – Conversation, Hearing the Trap, Take instruction and Fluttering of Wings whilst dampening high level impulse like gunshots. This gives the user all the benefit of ambient sounds they want to hear whilst knowing  they are safe from damaging sound.

It is one of our top selling custom ear plugs from the whole range and well reviewed all over the shooting sector.


DateUsernameTicket Number
05/08/2023 15:29 928
05/08/2023 15:29 685
05/08/2023 15:29 676
05/08/2023 15:29 490
05/08/2023 15:29 441
05/08/2023 15:29 436
05/08/2023 15:29 384
05/08/2023 15:29 363
05/08/2023 15:29 308
05/08/2023 15:29 65

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Black, Clear, Blue, Red, White, Orange

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