Clay Hunt VR

Clay Hunt VR (stands for Virtual Reality) This is a realistic clay target shooting game designed by a guy called Aleksi Rantonen and based on the Meta Quest VR headset either the first or second generation and third now is fine. Now a lot of ‘seasoned’ shooters may ignore this as an unneeded expense, but believe me! Their are very experienced shooters out there practising with this game! Lets take a look at some actual game footage below.  

So if you have watched the video you can see it is fairly ‘life like’ believe me when i say this has brought my shooting on leaps and bounds and best of all you can practise as much as you want in your own home without it costing a penny! Which if your an avid shooter i’m sure your paying a decent wedge per shoot in real life! So things like lead, swing, wind speed and direction, eye dominance etc all come to reality within the game. The best way to play this game is with what’s called the Pro Stock Texture VR (basically a gun stock) that you can mimic your own gun as it’s fully adjustable on stock, forearm etc. Here’s what it looks like.

Clay Hunt VR Gunstock

So still not convinced? Well there is like ‘real shooting’ worldwide clubs offering competitions for all the different levels and disciplines of clay pigeon shooting many of these ‘players’ are actually world class shooters as well so something must be working for them! To round up, Clay Shot VR is an amazing game to practise on and hone your skills in the comfort of your own home.

The links you will need if you wish to install Clay Shooter VR on your own headset are here there’s also one direct on Oculus and a Facebook page as well. AleKsi has his own very informative page here


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